Pedro Aznar: El Faro de los Ahogados

Who says the bass player has to be in the background?

Argentinian bassist/vocalist Pedro Aznar does an incredible job of comping and soloing up front on his tune “El Faro de los Ahogados,” taken from the DVD Quebrado Vivo.

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  1. Mariano Giannino

    Pedro Aznar is one of the most virtuous musicians I have ever seen. His great and sweet voice and his unique bass playing style…Have you ever listened to him playing the fretless bass? Out of this world

  2. Corey, please see this link this is Pedro Aznar playing the fretless bass in a band called “Seru Giran” (keyboard = Charly Garcia, guitar= David Lebon, Drums= Oscar Moro). This band is the icon of Argentinian national rock music. Enjoy this unique fretless bass sound…Regards!

  3. Fretless bass solo playing Eiti Leda with Seru Giran check this out

  4. ¡ Bravo! Realmente admiro su frase & técnica……

  5. Grande Pedrito! Un maestro!

  6. This song is from PARALAMAS brasilian band

  7. Aznar is no doubt a fantastic bassist and singer. His bass playing and singing are outstanding, but this tune is not his. This is a cover of “Lanterna dos Afogados”, by the brazilian pop band Os Paralamas do Sucesso, which usually releases spanish versions of their tunes (other than the original, with portuguese lyrics). Aznar is good friends with them, as well as with other popular brazilian artists with whom he regularly collaborates.

  8. His name and voice were so familiar to me. He’s the voice on some of Pat Methany Group’s music from the late 80’s/early 90’s. Check him out on PMG’s “More Travels” DVD (see on YouTube). The dude’s got an amazing voice as well as being a great bassist.