Roger Daltrey, John Entwistle & The Chieftains: “Behind Blue Eyes”, Live at Carnegie Hall (1994)

This live performance is a real gem. The Who’s Roger Daltrey and John Entwistle teamed up with The Chieftains for this live performance in February 1994. The concert took place at Carnegie Hall, in celebration of Daltrey’s 50th birthday.

Here, the group performs the Who’s “Behind Blue Eyes”, with Entwistle working his magic on an acoustic bass guitar.

Be sure to watch at around the 2:55 mark, where The Ox performs a jaw dropping solo.

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  1. Ted Montuori

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone so fast on acoustic bass.

  2. To me, this performance is proof that the Ox is the best player ever, regardless of what folks say about Jaco.

  3. DAMMM I Miss, “THE OX”!

  4. The Ox was my Bass God growing up. I miss him. R.I.P., John

  5. Interesting arrangement! There can be as much electricity in heartfelt and focused acoustic playing as in the largest wall of amps.

  6. met the ox a good 12 yrs ago,…blew me away @ a live performance locally, after the gig I approached him and told him what a HUGE influence he had on my playing…hes was visibly moved and humbled…GAWD I miss him…

  7. I love Entwistle’s playing but I didn’t like his solo much. it just lost the groove of the song.

  8. One of my top three favorite bassists, the other two are John Paul Jones and Geddy Lee.

  9. I do not see the point of an acoustic electric bass – they ALWAYs play terrible -they sound crappy. Entwistle is one of the greats and it’s lost on that dumb instrument… play electric or play standup…this is a failed instrument.

  10. I know this is more so about The Ox, who is a god by the way, but Roger’s voice is absolutely killer in this too.

  11. Bruno Cuksts

    Not crazy about the arrangement. The acoustic bass guitar does not suit J.E.’s playing style. Find a way to play it on an upright or electric and leave it be.

  12. Always a treat to watch The OX in action….Thunder on the mountain .Such a stylish approach to playing the bass.He is certainly missed.