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Bass of the Week: Laurus T900-XR

Laurus T900-XR

This week we’re taking a look at the Laurus Quasar T900-XR, a bass that takes a step away from the norm without losing its style and sensibility. Hand-made in Italy, the T900-XR is available in 4, 5, and 6-string models as well as fretted or fretless.

One of the bass’s most identifiable features is it’s unique headstock and “end of body” machine head tuners. The design, which accepts all types of strings, loads the ball end below the bridge while locking the string at the headstock and helps improve the overall balance of the instrument. The instantly recognizable headstock shape is stamped with the Laurus logo.

The T900-XR has a neck-thru design and is built around a laminated neck consisting of alternating sections of maple and purpleheart. Combine that with an inner graphite frame and a double-acting truss-rod system, and Laurus guarantees “absolute non-deformability” in their necks. The neck profile is a special asymmetrical shape for left hand comfort. Instead of wood, the fretboard is phenolic resin, which helps to increase sustain, reduce humidity absorption, and eliminate dead notes.

Choice woods are also used for the body, as it’s built from Khaya mahogany with a top consisting of Olive, Santos rosewood, or European flamed maple. The body wings feature tone chambers, which the company explains are intended to enhance mid and treble frequencies, reduce weight, and increase sensitivity.

For electronics, Laurus includes a pair of Nordstrand Humbuckers and a Noll 3-band active/passive preamp. The volume knob also has a push/pull function to toggle between active and passive. The other controls are bass, mid, treble, and blend. When the fretless option is taken, the bass is fitted with a preamp that also has a semi-parametric mid-frequency control.

All Laurus basses are hand-made in Italy. The T900-XR is priced at approximately $4,550. For more info, visit the Laurus website.

Laurus T900-XR Photo Gallery:

Laurus T900-XR Demo:

Laurus T900-XR Specs:

  • Body: Khaya Mahogany with Two Tone Chambers
  • Top: Olive/Santos Rosewood/European Flamed Maple
  • Neck: Laminate, 5 to 7 Alternating Sections of Maple and Purpleheart
  • Neck Profile: Asymmetrical
  • Headstock: Slotted-in with Lockpin Fastening
  • Scale: 34”
  • Fretboard: Phenolic Resin
  • Tuners: End of Body
  • Nut: Brass
  • Bridge: Brass, Individual Saddles
  • Pick up: Nordstrand Humbucker
  • Electronics: Noll TCM3
  • Varnish: Handicraft “Waxed” Polyurethane Varnishing

Editor’s note: Thanks to our Facebook friends who voted for this bass as the Bass of the Week feature.