Ojay: Street Performance Awesomeness

Check this awesome video of Ojay, a bassist from Newcastle in the UK. Armed with a pair of looping pedals and a couple more effects, Ojay takes it to the streets to bring the funk to the people.

It really begs the question: Why can’t more street performers be like this?

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  1. Evan Flury

    Props to the little girl for gettin down in the groove. Glad to see even little kids can appreciate a solid performance.

  2. Sakis Agorastos

    OJay has some great videos on youtube!

  3. Evan you summed it all up in a nutshell:)).

  4. what are the pedals exactly?

  5. This guy is putting some effort into it…. probably has a regular band gig to boot. Very talented and playing to the crowd, not just wanking.

  6. Any idea how he powers the amp? I’d do this kind of thing myself.

  7. how does he power everything?

  8. He needs to make the little girl a permanent part of the act, I love at the end where the guy throws some money down and she looks at him like, “is that all you got, bitch?”

  9. nice work! Love the kid! She slowed down til he got back to “normal”.

  10. Love this… Great dancing, too… ;)

  11. what’s with the guy coming over to hand him something?

  12. I’ve had the pleasure of jamming with Ojay and I can say he is not only a monster of a player but also a top bloke :)