Ritter Instruments Introduces R8-Singlecut Bass

Jens Ritter has introduced the R8-Singlecut, a new design featuring a single cutaway and bolt-on construction. The new instrument also introduces the luthier’s new C-3-S electronics, an active/passive switchable 3-Band EQ with custom adjustable frequencies and integrated boost, all controllable by the bassist.

The new model was debuted with four pieces, and though each has different woods and finishes, there are a few consistencies.

Ritter Instruments R8 Singlecut Bass

The R8 is available in 4 and 5-string versions, with the 4-stringers having a 33.3” scale and vintage string spacing (60mm-30mm) and the 5-stringers having a 35” scale and standard 5 spacing (70mm-40mm). The body woods vary from Alder, Swamp Ash, and Ritter’s specialty- a single solid piece of flamed maple. The luthier also utilizes his own hardware on the basses with the Ritter 3D/B1 String attachment bridge and Ritter BT tuners, made by Gotoh.

Ritter Instruments are all handmade by Jens Ritter in Germany. The price varies depending on options, but the R8-Singlecut comes in around €5870 (approx. $7,442 USD). For more info, visit the Ritter Instruments website.

Ritter Instruments R8-Singlecut Bass Photo Gallery:

Ritter Instruments R8-Singlecut Bass Specs:

  • Body: Swamp Ash, Alder,
  • Neck: Maple
  • Fingerboard: Maple or Ebony
  • Construction: Bolt-on
  • String Spacing: 60mm-30mm for 4-string, 70mm-40mm for 5-string
  • Scale: 33.3” for 4-string, 35” for 5-string
  • Electronics: Ritter C3-S
  • Pickups: Ritter Master Slimbuckers or Triplebuckers
  • Hardware: Chrome

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  1. well that’s looks fucking awesome.

  2. So, does No Treble showcase any basses that “aren’t” prohibitively expensive (that is have

  3. …(that I don’t have to be Billy Sheehan or John Myung to afford)?

    • and on the other end of the spectrum, released this year, a guitar that you slot an ipad into to strum across. the horror.

    • Bet Sheehan & Myung probably don’t even buy them. They get paid for by their “signature models.” You made a great point. BP magazine does do articles on affordable instruments, but they are, I think, the only ones who do. That first one looks made for disco; they probably sound great, but not sure they’re my style (though of course, if they offered me one for free, I wouldn’t say no…)

    • Alfred Warren Smith and Bubba- While it does seem there are a lot of boutique basses coming out now, we cover the whole spectrum as they are released. We’re currently at NAMM so we’ll get all the production basses and more. We hear you though, and we’ll be putting together some cost-effective bass features in the future.
      Check out the gear page: http://www.notreble.com/gear/

    • Kevin Johnson Thanks Kevin. Good to know. Looking forward to it.

  4. I played 4 string R8 new Ritter bass at NAMM2012 show and it fills Great! I order new 4 string R8 Ultramarine bass.It sounds very woody with lot of punch!
    Jens Ritter knows what it takes to build new sounding bass.


    • Nice definitely. However, judging by the picture, I assume there is a layer of paint over the fingerboard. That will make a future refret a nightmare for a luthier. Even a regular maple board refret is more costly than on bare ebony or rosewood boards because you usually need to refinish at least the fingerboard section. I did a few refrets on my guitars with maple boards and it was a pain. I did not refinish, I just left the scuffs and chips, which are extremely hard to avoid.

    • Zdravo Sasa,
      Idi na Youtube”Ritter boutique guitars” intervue,ja sviram na R8 bass uvod!Pozdrav

  5. Not a design I like, but I can’t stop looking at them . like the bass equivalent of twiglets, hate them but must eat the whole bag. I guess that’s the point