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New Jeff Berlin Album Coming In February

Jeff BerlinJeff Berlin will be following up his 2010 release, High Standards with the ironically titled album, Low Standards. Besides the pun, the moniker comes as the group will feature Richard Drexler on upright bass as well as piano. Rounding out the trio is drummer Mike Clark, who spent time playing for Herbie Hancock in the Headhunters.

“I prepared for it by practicing 5 hours a day for weeks,” Berlin stated. “What came of my preparation was to record solos on the bass that I believe have never been heard before from a bass player!”

Though he put all his effort into the project, Berlin credits his fellow musicians for its success.

“Without them I never could have had the support and interplay that pushed me to play what I played,” he explained. “Mike’s time was swinging like a pendulum. And Richard is a freak: he actually played acoustic bass while I was soloing and then put it down to walk to the piano and take a solo. I don’t know of anyone else who could have done what he did!”

Jeff Berlin’s Low Standards is set for a late February release.

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