Parker Guitars Introduces New Maxx Fly Bass

Parker Guitars announced their newest bass, the Maxx Fly Bass at the NAMM show earlier this month, one the company says is the “culmination of Parker Guitars’ finest work in a bass.”

Parker Guitars Maxx Fly Bass -  3-tone sunburst finish

The new Maxx Fly sports a swamp ash body with Parker’s trademark carbon glass epoxy wrap. Electronics include an EMG P-style split-neck pickup with an EMG MMCS bridge pickup and an EMG piezo buffer. A Parker-designed Hipshot bridge houses teh Ghose piezo saddles.

Parker Guitars Maxx Fly Bass -  Candy Lemon Yellow finish

The 34″ scale neck is Poplar with the same carbon glass epoxy, with 24 frets and Hipshot’s Ultra-light lollipop tuners. The company offers a fretless option as well. The bass weighs in at around six pounds.

The Maxx Fly comes in three distinct gloss finishes: dusty black, 3-tone sunburst and candy lemon yellow. The bass retails for $5,998.67. For more information, visit Parker Guitars’ website.

Parker Guitars Maxx Fly Bass Specs:

  • Swamp Ash body
  • Poplar neck
  • Carbon glass epoxy fretboard with stainless steel frets
  • EMG Active P Bass neck pickup
  • EMG Active MM Bass bridge (splitable) pickup
  • Parker designed Hipshot tailpiece
  • Graphtech Ghost Piezo saddles
  • Hipshot Ultra Light tuners
  • 34″ Scale
  • Black hardware
  • Fretless option available
  • Available Colors: Dusty Black, 3-Tone Sunburst and Candy Lemon Yellow
  • Weight: 6 pounds

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  1. The body on this bass is gorgeous but I’m sorry, I think the headstock and tuning keys look like hell.

  2. I was sold until I saw the price.

  3. I’m with you, Troy! haven’t seen a bass listed for under $4K for some time.

  4. love the fretless yellow, but the shape of the tuner was kinky!

  5. price is Ree-DIC.

  6. Nice, but 6 grand for these basses is just absurd. Best luck with them, though.

  7. I cannot fathom how this price works out… even if the actual street price is maybe closer to 4 grand, still, that’s more than a totally custom bass would cost.

  8. WTH… for $6,000 I can buy both a Nordy and a Roscoe!