Viaceslav Svedov: “No Woman, No Cry” All Bass Cover

Viaceslav Svedov typically offers super high energy takes on a variety of all-bass cover tunes. Here, he shows a more laid back style with one terrific cover of Bob Marley’s beautiful “No Woman, No Cry”.

Is there anything Viaceslav can’t do?

Editor’s note: We loved this so much, we decided to transcribe it. Check it out.

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  1. Genius. Wish I could play like this.

  2. what a cool couch behind him.

  3. Nice take on a great old tune! Well done!

  4. Very nice…Does anyone know what bass he’s playng? dig that bound body.

  5. Who needs a vocalist anyway?

  6. a very nice rendition and good to see some one using a 4 string for a change.

  7. COOL bass’n, dig this totally…put some more up…yo.

  8. Afawk

    Check his work on you tube ! Luv his playing !!