Soulfly Releases “Enslaved”, Featuring Tony Campos

Soulfly: EnslavedSoulfly has released their eighth studio album, Enslaved. The album is the first to feature the band’s new lineup of vocalist/guitarist Max Cavalera, lead guitarist Marc Rizzo, drummer David Kinkade and bassist Tony Campos.

Metal fans recognize Campos from his time in Static-X among many other projects including Prong, Ministry and Asesino.

Band leader Cavalera says the new lineup brings a heavier sound.

“I had Tony [Campos] for the first time also, [who is] a really professional, killer bass player…” Cavalera told Roadrunner Records. “I feel that the rhythm section of this new Soulfly lineup is very powerful, because of that – the way Tony plays bass, it really attacks from all sides.”

Enslaved also comes in a special edition, with three bonus tracks. As a bonus for fans, all of Soulfly’s previous albums are available for a discount from online retailers for this week.

Preview and download Enslaved:

Enslaved Track Listing:

  1. Resistance
  2. World Scum
  3. Intervention
  4. Gladiator
  5. Legions
  6. American Steel
  7. Redemption Of Man By God
  8. Treachery
  9. Plata O Plomo
  10. Chains
  11. Revengeance
  12. Slave [Special Edition Bonus Track]
  13. Bastard [Special Edition Bonus Track]
  14. Soulfly VIII [Special Edition Bonus Track]

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