Foo Fighters: Ultimate Bass Play-Along

Foo Fighters: Ultimate Bass Play-AlongAlfred Music Publishing has published Foo Fighters: Ultimate Bass Play-Along, the newest edition in the company’s Ultimate Play-Along series.

Featuring eight Foo Fighters tunes, the book and two enhanced CD set offers authentic transcriptions of Nate Mendel‘s bass lines, and is also available in guitar and drum editions.

The CDs include two audio tracks per song – one offers a “sound-alike” instrumental recording and the other is the same track without bass, so you can play along.

Alfred Music’s “Tone ‘N’ Tempo” (TNT) Changer is included in the CDs, allowing bassists to loop particular sections of the tunes, slow down the tracks without changing the pitch, as well as versions without drums, and one without a click track.

Foo Fighters: Ultimate Bass Play-Along Song List:

  1. All My Life
  2. Learn to Fly
  3. Everlong
  4. Monkey Wrench
  5. My Hero
  6. Best of You
  7. The Pretender
  8. Walk

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