Tom Pesch and his Ric: Rush “Hemispheres” Play-Along

Bassist Tom Pesch shared several videos he’s put together, playing along to Rush tunes with his basses to match.

Here’s Tom playing “Hemispheres” on his Rickenbacker 4001. Well done.

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  1. yesyesye! I have spent many hours of life doing the same thing! I owe Geddy big time for making me the player I am today….great job Tom…..

  2. Outstanding!, great job Tom!

  3. Learn to play even a hacked version of Hemispheres, and your chops will simply explode! Learning to play Rush is like putting your chops on steroids!

  4. That was great Tom. All through my twenties, I’d spend hours playing along with Geddy especially Hemispheres and Farewll to kings, so I feel you….

  5. Unreal! One of my all time fav Rush tunes and you play it like you are channeling Geddy himself. I am not worthy lol.

  6. I love Rush but rarely learn there stuff because it seems I would have little use to , when would I play it and with who? I used to own a cool rare Ricky , nice job, nailed the playing and tone.

  7. Amazing cover! It’s my first time seeing Rush next week and I can’t wait!

  8. Well done sir. WELL done. The hours I spent learning this and many other albums from Rush, The Who, Yes, the Dixie Dregs… all made me a better player

  9. Nice job. Sort of amazing that Rush ever did this in the first place…. the arrangements are very long and it must have been hell to put it all together.

  10. Love it! I want a Ric so bad! The original RUSH sound! Very good job!

  11. Holy shit this is INCREDIBLE! And you put the Badass Bridge on your Ric! Makes me want another Ric!!!

  12. Oh yeah….and he also sings while playing these SICK BASS LINES! All hail Geddy! :-)

  13. It’s hard enough to learn it. BUT GEDDY WROTE IT!!! He truly is the KING!!!

  14. Briliant what a tone I want one. What a bass. Go Ricky go.