John Scofield with Gary Grainger and Dennis Chambers: “Pick Hits”, Live

Here’s a winning formula for you: let bassist Gary Grainger and drummer Dennis Chambers back you up.

That’s exactly what John Scofield did for this live performance.

Holy smokes.

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  1. HOLY! What a bass TONE! That’s exactly the tone I love in a Bass! Is that a Ken Smith? Well, I remember a bass with a tone like this, and it was a Peavey Cirrus, in some gospel band video in Youtube.

  2. Ken doubt..

  3. John Shaughnessy

    I SO wish this band would get back together. One album and a short tour, that’s all I ask.

  4. Derek Hale

    I was SO fortunate to see Sco’s “Blue Matter” group live when they headlined the closing night of the Wichita Jazz Festival. I believe the year was 1987. I have never seen a rhythm section so in control of groove, dynamics, and nuance all at the same time. Chambers and Grainger just killed it that night.

    I’m with John Shaughnessy. What I wouldn’t give for Sco to get this band back together for one more album and tour.

  5. That’s something you shouldn’t do!
    …unless you want your guitar skills to be totally obscured by this awesome rhythm section! :D