Birdsong Guitars Introduces Embrace Fretless Bass

Birdsong Guitars Embrace Fretless BassCustom shop Birdsong Guitars has introduced a new fretless model called the Embrace. The bass, which was prototyped over several years, is a 32? scale fretless neck-through with a single passive soapbar. Described as a “working man’s electric fretless”, the bass is handmade in Texas yet streamlined to offer a price most everyone can reach.

Birdsong will be making Embraces regularly with set woods, however, you can order the bass you like. The company suggests walnut, mahogany, and Spanish Cedar for the body wings and maple or mahogany for the neck. The fingerboard can be rosewood, “red” woods, maple, or ebony, and the control plate will be built to match. Of course, other wood options are available for an up charge.

Birdsong will be mainly offering Embraces “from inventory” for $975, while special orders will be built for $1,100 plus any wood up charges. They’re also making eight “8th Anniversary” Embraces with wild Texas Mesquite with black Ebony boards for $1250. For more info, check out the Birdsong Guitars website.

Birdsong Embrace Fretless Bass Specs:

Birdsong Guitars Embrace Fretless Bass - back

  • Body Wings: Walnut, Mahogany, Spanish Cedar
  • Neck: Maple, Mahogany
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood, “Red” woods, Maple, Ebony
  • Pickup: Single Passive Soapbar
  • Bridge: Wood matching fingerboard; Thru-body stringing
  • Nut: Wood matching fingerboard
  • Control Plate: Wood matching fingerboard

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  1. gee, something about that bass looks ever so slightly familiar.. Great minds, I suppose…

  2. Cool looking bass. I’m more fond of longer scale basses, but I wouldn’t mind owining this one.

  3. In essence nice. Two questions though: 1) what’s the excuse for this shape of headstock… and 2) why not put in a Delano Xtender if you’ve already made an oval shape in the body?

    • 1)headstock helps to balance it both visually and functionally 2) Looks cool to me as it it, but that pickup would add $200 to the price which would make it a different animal altogether…at that point you might as well just turn it into a Rick Turner and go all out.

    • 1) still no excuse 2) make a square hole then! You know, she really has a beautiful body and I wouldn’t mind holding her against me… :-) I guess plenty of time was spent on designing that beautiful body. But then, suddenly? Shoot: deadline! “But we still haven’t done the headstock?!” “Well, do something!?” And they did. Something… :-)

    • that is the wonderful thing about art and music, you get all kinds of choices and options. I happen to really like both choices in particular and chose one for those reasons, and the other obvious reasons.

  4. can you make one without the oval shape for the pickup?

    • Each bass is made by hand, so I suppose you could have it changed for an upcharge. You’d have to ask the guys at Birdsong to be sure.