Funk Bass Fills

Funk Bass FillsBerklee bass professor Anthony Vitti has released his latest method book, this time focusing on funk bass.

Funk Bass Fills offers up bass fills spanning funk, soul, R&B and hip-hop styles, playing fills in different positions and keys, funk rhythms and rhythmic patterns and more.

The 72-page book comes with a companion play-along CD, including the recorded bass lines – for hearing the lines in isolation – plus the rhythm section tracks to play along to.

Funk Bass Fills topics:

  • Create bass fills that are appropriate to funk, soul, RnB, and hip-hop contexts
  • Play fills using different positions and in different keys
  • Use characteristic funk rhythms and rhythmic patterns
  • Mine the most useful pitch sources for effective fill notes: major and minor pentatonic, blues, and Mixolydian
  • Develop bass lines over common funk progressions such as II V, I VI II V, and blues

Vitti’s impressive performance and recording credentials include working with many of the top acts in the world: Sammy Davis Jr, Liberace, Rita Moreno, Bobby Vinton, George Burns, Nell Carter, Robert Klein, Jerry Lewis, Gregg Bissonett (David Lee Roth), Steve Smith (Journey), Toy Caldwell, Felix Cavalier, Carmine Apece, Blues Saracino, Boston, John Scofield, Gary Nicholson and countless others.

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