David Devereux: By The Lake

Bassist David Devereux sent us this video featuring a nice original tune he performed using a looper.

David said he “played outside on Stirling University Campus on what was a fantastic summer’s day.”

We agree, and perfect for a Sunday afternoon.

David has this tune and others on his Soundcloud page, available for download.

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  1. Woo Hoow! hello Scotland! been 2 times in Stirling and its University, really nice place ;-).

  2. Very nice!
    I want this pedal effect!

  3. It’s too short in my opinion! You cut this song in a very interesting place. Pls play some more in this great.

  4. “Jacaranda Guitars and Bass”, from Mona Best’s Club The Beatles played at?

    • it’s a custom bass shop in Milan that I found when I was holiday there (may or may not be related). I couldn’t afford anything in the shop so they gave me a sticker to make me feel better =P

    • David, what brand is your bass? it is exact same bass model I have, except mine is red, and the Logo is very visible on both body and headstock, it’s Strinberg by the way. Can’t see a logo on yours, that’s why I wonder.

    • it’s a Harley Benton bass from a online German music shop, basically it’s a knockoff that was dirt cheap, I cover it in stickers and hope nobody notices

    • Lol! I asked because I’ve seen quite a few brands making the same or similar models, including Harley benton, Strinberg, AXL, Douglas, etc, but only two have an official website: Strinberg and AXL. Just curious as I’m doing a little research on the maker/s, possible origin, etc. Mine has turned out to be pretty good, considering i didn’t pay a fortune for it either. Anyway, you make it sound like a million bucks, and no matter how cheap or expensive an instrument may be, if it serves your purpose then great, it obvously serves yours David, and i’d surely like to listen to some more stuff of yours.

  5. Nice man, reminds me of older Manring stuff.

  6. Excellent piece, could use a little thump before the end, but still excellent piece.