Alfredo Guerrieri: “Donna Lee” Cover (Jaco Pastorius Inspired)

Bassist Alfredo Guerrieri shared his videos with us. I watched several, and had a hard time picking one out.

But his performance of the Jaco Pastorius version of the classic bebop tune “Donna Lee” was just a hair above the rest.

This is from Alfredo’s master’s recital at Cleveland State University in 2010, and also features Joey Jablonski on congas. Just like Jaco: one take.

(Skip to around the 1 minute mark, where the music begins).

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  1. I’ve made that myself a while ago!

  2. Good job! But I would have enjoyed it better if he were accompanied by regular drums rather than congas.


  4. wow – sounds like they are not in the same room.