Johan Hansén-Larson: One Tasty Bass Solo

Bassist Johan Hansén-Larson sent us this video, which has a neat story behind it, not to mention one of the most unique camera views we’ve seen.

Johan shared, “this is my solo from the Roy Hargrove song Strasbourgh – St Denis, from a gig I did last spring here in Stockholm. In the beginning of the video you can see me talking to the pianist… because this [part of the song is] the last theme. The horn section had forgotten about the bass solo, and I was so bummed out. I decided to take matters into my own hands and told the drummer and pianist to keep playing after the end. Bass players need our time in the spotlight as well.”

Indeed we do. Thanks for taking a stand Johan, and not letting those treble makers get away with anything.

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  1. left shoulder groovin’ lol.

  2. ain’t that a groove! I played it through once, then replayed right after. groovy!

  3. Great playing, Johan!

  4. What a crime to cheat you out of a solo when you blow like that!

  5. Groove is so melodic, in the pocket,….brilliant stuff brother!

  6. Det er bare thumbs up for den solo Johan- good work.

  7. Fantastic one! Very Gwizdalish!

  8. Johan baby! I like it.I like. Melodic, grooving, went from point a to point b (like a piano, sax or guitar player would). A lot of people don’t care for perfunctory jazz solos- “now its this ones turn”. But this reminded me of listening to brass bans playing on the street in the French Quarter. Now that’s the jass.