Anthony Crawford: What

Check out this awesome solo bass performance by Anthony Crawford. Recorded while on tour with Allan Holdsworth and Virgil Donati in Opole, Poland, Crawford takes the crowd for a ride with his tune “What” from his album Urban Jazz.

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  1. Great sound, a little too much ‘slappin’, but damn well done. MJO

  2. Excelent performance! Nice solo!

  3. noodly weedily weedily tappity slapity – was that supposed to be music? or some sort of practice exercise? I guess he’s warmed up now, so let’s hear some music…oh it’s over.

    • Realy? I don’t know man, I thought that was well done. But I have been into avant jazz for a long time. I guess it is all preference.

    • Regardless if it wasn’t to “your” expectations, its still something that required alot of skill and can still be appreciated one way or another.

    • Don’t get me wrong – he’s got skills. He’s got me beat for sure! I just didn’t find that piece very musical. kind of a wank fest. Oh, and @[643166406:2048:Paul] – I was into avant garde jazz since before you were born so don’t get all snooty :-)
      I probably shouldn’t have made a comment at all. Like my Momma said, “if you ain’t got nothing nice to say…” but usually the videos on here blow my mind and this one bugged me. I’ll shut up now.

  4. It’s funny how everybody is all up for music as a vehicle for self-expression, but as soon as a bassist comes up with any cool chops, they bash him down for not playing “music”, which most of the time really translates into a “traditional bass line”. I’ve been guilty of this myself in the past, but slowly I’ve come to realize that we bassists have been pushed aside enough by other musicians who don’t respect our instrument for what it is, for us to be uber critical amongst ourselves about what should or shouldn’t be done. Take 2 chill pills and enjoy life! Have fun with your bass and be cool with other bassists having fun too. Keep in mind that players like Anthony Crawford or Victor, who can be as flashy as they want to be with their technique, can also groove like hell. Let’s go back to the playground and have some fun.

  5. TO MUCH TREBLE, no mids or lows.

  6. Anthony, is a great player!