Meshell Ndegeocello with Pino Palladino: “Home is Where the Hatred Is”

Santi Umbert sent us this clip of Meshell Ndegeocello teaming up with bassist Pino Palladino for a cover of Gil Scott-Heron’s “Home Is Where The Hatred Is.”

Palladino lays down a seriously funky groove throughout the entire song while the band kicks it out.

The songs then evolves into a bass jam around the four minute mark as Ndegeocello picks up her axe to groove with Palladino.

The end of the clip has a short interview with the two bassists on playing with each other and feeling the beat.

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  1. À 5:52 Comment arrivez-vous à jouer ensemble sans empiéter sur les platebandes de l’autre. Ça vous dit quelque chose pianistes et guitaristes? HA HA HA!

  2. We are fotunate enough to watch this tv show in Europe only once a month, and a great thank to Manu Katché, cos’ “jazz funk groove” music is a bit “eaten” by “mainstream”, you know… all that electro-pop-soulish-vintage-rock sold like candy by Universal and all those f***** music industries that has nothing to care about THIS real music nowadays…. Keep that groove alive NoTreble!

  3. Last stop for Groove Central Station.

  4. … and lo… the bass layeth down the groove… and taketh up the jam! Sweeeeeet grooove! :-)

  5. Two of my favorite bassists together. What a treat!

  6. Let’s not forget the drummer so loose, yet spot on adding great accents to the groove.

  7. Down deep in the gumbo pot, where the herbs and protein meld.

  8. Pino’s grooves are oh so tasty : )