Samuel Haynes: Labyrinth (Featured Reader Video Week)

We’ve featured No Treble reader Samuel Haynes before, and we’re happy to share the latest he just sent our way.

The tune is an original composition Samuel wrote, using BEAD tuning. He describes the tune as “[mostly] slap with some chordal stuff thrown in there too.”

Samuel is playing his Ibanez Soundgear SRX300 with stock pickups and running through a Korg Pandora PX4B and straight into an audio interface.

We’re celebrating a week-long series of videos by No Treble readers. We want to hear from you and share your work. Send us a note at

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  1. Really nice Sam! technical job but still musical…. thumbs up man! ;)

  2. very nice! I like that your tone isn’t all bright and crispy like so many have these days…that is dense! and it reminds me of how I used to like my Rick to sound back in the day.

  3. Awesome, and inspiring. I’m becoming a fan!

  4. This guy is quickly becoming one of my favorites; I’ve really, really enjoyed all three of the videos I’ve seen of him on NoTreble! Keep up the great work, Samuel!

  5. Incredible. When will the solo album follow?

  6. Really enjoyed that, well done.