Intergalactic Bass: Scales Arpeggios Fingerings Theory & Much More

Intergalactic BassHal Leonard has added Carlo Mombelli’s Intergalactic Bass method as their latest book in their Bass Instruction series. The comprehensive, 240-page book is based on the premise that in order to play music, one must have a solid handle on scales and arpeggios.

A bassist, composer and educator, Mombelli said he searched for a book on scales and arpeggios to use as part of his teaching materials, but never found one he felt was suitable. He said all were lacking in the areas of clearly notated fingerings and most offered either too much information, or not enough.

So he decided to draw the diagrams he’s learned over a 30 year playing career and went on to publish them in book format from there.

Each page of Intergalactic Bass consists of a single scale type with pattern diagrams for playing it correctly on a bass guitar. Super-imposed on the diagrams is the arpeggio shape for the corresponding scale. The combination is designed to better understand the chord/scale relationship.

Mombelli’s approach is diagram first, notation second. Standard notation is included with each diagram to help associate finger positions with their notational equivalents.

Each chapter covers scales in different patterns (one octave on 3, 4 and 5 strings, and two octave scales on 4 strings), including:

  • Pentatonic and Blues Scales
  • Harmonic Minor
  • Symmetrical Scales
  • Modes Generated by Melodic Minor
  • Bebop Scales

Intergalactic Bass also includes a jazz theory section, to help gain an understanding of harmony and how to apply the scales learned throughout the book.

Intergalactic Bass Examples:

Intergalactic Bass Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: 12 major scales in 1st Position Starting on the Lowest Note and The Chromatic Scale on One String
  • Chapter 2: Vertical Scales on 3 Strings (One Octave)
  • Chapter 3: Vertical Scales on 4 Strings
  • Chapter 4: Two-Octave Scales on 4 Strings
  • Chapter 5: Vertical Scales on 5 Strings
  • Chapter 6: Jazz Theory Crash Course
  • Bibliography
  • Biography

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