Ben Hands: Solo Bass Cover of Adele’s “Someone Like You”

Yep, we dig it when bassists take pop tunes and turn up the awesome meter by arranging them as a solo bass piece.

Here’s Ben Hands doing his thing to make Adele’s “Someone Like You” way cooler. (We may be biased).

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  1. very nice indeed. by the way, what is that bass?, monorail bridge? Ibanez BTB?

  2. He did a really great job of balancing the picking parts and the tapping parts, both dynamically and rhythmically. A lot of the time during these solo bass pieces, players loose the rhythm and the feeling when they switch back and forth, to where there is obviously a “tapping” section and an obviously a “picking” one. I really dig this.


    @Nathaniel York, it looks like a BTB to me.

  3. little known fact…he can tell what tone your fart is…no joke, I know him :-)

  4. Thank you for all your kind words everyone! I really appreciate it! :-)