Victor Wooten: 2013 NAMM Performance

The NAMM Show is one of the highlights of our year… like a family reunion of sorts.

But it is massive, and so we often miss many of the great performances that take place on the show’s floor. (Hey, we’re not lying when we say we’re working… at least not completely.)

Thankfully, there’s video to show us what we missed. Like this one, which starts with a groove-backed solo bass performance by Victor Wooten at the Hartke booth. Around the 8-minute mark, Vic is joined by a vocalist, and then he dials it back for a bit before going into an upbeat, loop-backed Michael Jackson cover. This one has it all.

Vic is Ken Salvati’s Fodera bass, by the way. Or as Vic says, “Used to be…”

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  1. I’m more of a John Myung (Dream Theater) fan, but Victor Wooten is magical!

  2. I think we are rapidly approaching the point…if not already past it… where Vic has done more to advance the bass as a lead instrument than even Jaco or Stanley.

    • Fifteen years ago, I would call that sacrilege. Today, I agree. He deserves his place with the greats of bass.

  3. as they say from the old school, vic is the lick! one of a kind.

  4. es un bestia el negro…dejen de joder, valorenlo por lo que es sin compararlos con nadie :)

  5. Please, I need Victor Wooten’s contact, who can do me this favor.

  6. Years ago (early 90’s?), when I was a young gunslinger loaded with chops and attitude, a drummer friend invited me to Nashville to see a singer, named Jonelle Mosser, at The Bluebird. the REAL reason he invited me was the new bassist in town who was covering the gig. Don Was was in the house, along with Steve Winwoods band leader. Some were scouting the terrific vocalist Jonelle, but others were there to see the young cat who was setting Nashville on fire with his bass.

    Victor went on to Bela Fleck and all the accolades that followed.

    I walked out of there humbled and educated on the difference between a talented and competent bassist, myself, and a special artist, Vic Wooten.

    It was a life changing night.