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Jürgen Attig: Journey To Jaco

Bassist Jürgen Attig released Aventureiro in 2012, in tribute to Jaco Pastorius.

As you’ll quickly find out when you watch this video, Jürgen’s Jaco-like tone and approach is nothing short of remarkable.

Thanks to Benjamin Nestler who shared this video with us.

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Nuri Mikal Tett

Spot on tone, great arrangement. I almost wish he had the dexterity to match. Still fantastic!

Hanno y

Hanno y

I had Jürgen as an instructor for one of my workshop. I tell you, this guy is a real badass on the fretless bass…



Really not impressed. Anyone can easily sound like Jaco. Even with a fretted bass.

Brad Russell

great! refreshing to hear somebody doing a tribute like this to Jaco, very cool!