Jens Ritter Introduces R8-Concept Fretless Bass

Jens Ritter has expanded on the idea of his R8-Singlecut bass with the R8-Concept Fretless Bass. The new models set themselves apart by utilizing the Ritter Backside Tuning System, which puts the tuning machines on the back of the bass’s body while accepting standard single-ball strings.

Ritter R8-Concept Fretless Bass - Pure White Carrara Frosted (front)

Another distinguishing feature is the R8-Concept’s extended fingerboard, which reaches all the way down to the pickups. Though each bass is custom built, standard woods include ebony for the fingerboard, alder for the body, and maple for the neck. Their finishes also vary.

Ritter showed two examples of the R8-Concept at this year’s Musikmesse in Frankfurt: one with a Pure White Carrara Frosted finish and another with a Transparent Red Energy body and Blue Energy finished fingerboard.

Electronics on the basses are up to the end user and can be either Ritter’s Backside Access 4-Band EQ or the Ritter Master Fretless.

The Ritter R8-Concept Fretless is handbuilt by Jens Ritter in Germany. Prices vary due to options, though a 4-string would cost around $8,500. For more info, check out the Ritter Instruments website.

Jens Ritter Instruments R8-Concept Fretless Bass Photo Gallery:

Jens Ritter Instruments R8-Concept Fretless Bass Specs:

  • Custom built in Germany
  • Fretless
  • Scale: 33.3? for 4-string; 34.5? for 5-string
  • Body Wood: Alder Standard, options available
  • Fingerboard: Ebony
  • Neck: Maple
  • Electronics: RITTER Backside Access 4-Band or Ritter Master Fretless

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  1. feminine curves and shape, simple poetic shape.

  2. That 6 string is beautiful. I’m not much into single cut basses, but I could take that one any time. These basses are worth every penny, it’s a big investment but one I would be willing to make.

  3. Single ball strings on a headless isn’t that new just look at the Westone The rail from the 80’s.

    • Of course is not new, but what is highlighted is the location of the tuning system, not the type of strings used, that’s just a detail that might come in handy for future customers.

  4. I like the extension of the fingerboard through to the bridge.

  5. sounds or didn’t happen! ;)

  6. G.A.S! Damn, I wish I had the finances… Beautiful in white and black, and with no tuning screws? WOW!

  7. has the white bass 2 different jack inputs?