Lesson: Funky and Relaxed Fingerstyle Bass Groove with Double Stops

Continuing our bass groove lesson series, here’s a cool (and relaxed) groove and exercise for you.

In this groove, we’re employing double stops with one of the most common shapes: Major 10th, root note, and a Major 3rd (an octave above).

Follow along with the video and this lesson transcription (PDF download).

For the gear heads, I’m playing my Sandberg California TT MarloweDK signature bass with both pickups full on and the tone control halfway down. This is running through a BOSS JS-10 with a built-in drum loop (I use a rock guitar fx patch with some ambience to match the drums). This is all running through the line input of my
into the line input of a Zoom Q3HD camera.

For more great bass lessons from Thomas "MarloweDK" Risell, visit PlayBassNow.com.

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  1. steww

    Beautiful bass line. Thank you.

  2. Mitch

    Mr. Excitement!