EBS Announces Classic 500 Bass Amplifier

EBS Classic 500 Bass Amp

EBS will be releasing the Classic 500, a solid state, retro-styled bass amp. Building upon the company’s Classic 450, the 500 is rated at up to 500-watts at 2 ohms while fitting into a more compact casing.

Although the Classic 500 is a solid-state amp, EBS says its sound is aimed at capturing a classic tube amp tone. Controls include a four band EQ with variable frequencies for high and low mids, a drive knob, and a character switch that acts as a shelving high/low pass filter. It’s fitted with a floating balanced XLR-output for recording and live situations.

The EBS Classic 500 will start shipping in December with a street price around $1,385. For more info, check out the EBS Sweden website.

EBS Classic 500 Bass Amp Details:

  • 100% Solid State Amp
  • 400 W RMS @ 4 ohm, 500 W RMS @ 2 ohm
  • 4-band EQ section with dual mid controls
  • Boosted drive control
  • Floating balanced XLR output
  • Compact design
  • Padded cover included

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  1. Why does it sport a standby switch if it’s a 100% Solid State amp? ahahah

  2. Cool! I might try one! :-)

  3. At $1385, why not just go with a Class D power amp that’ll do ~1200W? If you’re going to go with a retro style, wouldn’t having a comparable output to an SVT make sense?

    500W at 2 ohms seems a little light on power. At 4 Ohms, sure… but I have passive basses and loud drummers that would bury this thing.

  4. Would be worth it if it was made in Sweden and not China.
    If I was going to spill a hefty sum on a EBS amp it would be a made in Sweden one.