Bass of the Week: Prometeus Guitars Ahab

Prometeus Guitars Ahab 6-string Multi-scale Bass

Any instrument named after the monomaniacal captain from Herman Melville’s Moby Dick needs to have a similar aggressive design, and the Prometeus Guitars Ahab delivers in spades. This week we check out a 6-string, multi-scale version of the bass that left me speechless.

While the Ahab can be built with varying woods and materials, this particular bass sports a jaw-dropping Buckeye Burl top with matching pickup covers, knobs, and strap buttons. It features neck-thru construction with a Wenge neck, Wenge/Niangon toneblock, Afzelia wings, and an ebony fingerboard. Since it has a multi-scale setup ranging from 35″ to 32″, it also has a fanned fret system.

The pickups are a pair of medium impedance ceramic single coils.

For more info, check out the Prometeus Guitars website.

Prometeus Guitars Ahab 6-string Multi-scale Bass Photos:

Prometeus Guitars Ahab 6-string Multi-scale Bass Specs:

  • Scale: 35″ to 32″
  • Construction: Neck-thru
  • Neck: Wenge
  • Toneblock: Wenge/Niangon
  • Body Wings: Afzelia
  • Fingerobard: Ebony
  • Pickups: Ceramic Single Coils
  • Hardware: Gold
  • Other: Rear cover, strap buttons, pickups shells and knobs have been made with the same woods of the body

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  1. If I could afford it, I would by this in a heartbeat…!

  2. Thats pretty damn nice. If youre going to spend tons might as well get advanced form and function.

  3. Michael England

    Playing my old bass was better then any dope I’ve ever done. Every time I would play , all my life’s problems,worries drug addiction melts away from my mind. Nothing takes me into a real. Down- to- earth feel real like playing. I had to sell my stack and axe. I’m alcohol drug free now for several months now n I miss playing music more then six. Lol there I said it