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Bass of the Week: Prometeus Guitars Ahab

Prometeus Guitars Ahab 6-string Multi-scale Bass

Any instrument named after the monomaniacal captain from Herman Melville’s Moby Dick needs to have a similar aggressive design, and the Prometeus Guitars Ahab delivers in spades. This week we check out a 6-string, multi-scale version of the bass that left me speechless.

While the Ahab can be built with varying woods and materials, this particular bass sports a jaw-dropping Buckeye Burl top with matching pickup covers, knobs, and strap buttons. It features neck-thru construction with a Wenge neck, Wenge/Niangon toneblock, Afzelia wings, and an ebony fingerboard. Since it has a multi-scale setup ranging from 35″ to 32″, it also has a fanned fret system.

The pickups are a pair of medium impedance ceramic single coils.

For more info, check out the Prometeus Guitars website.

Prometeus Guitars Ahab 6-string Multi-scale Bass Photos:

Prometeus Guitars Ahab 6-string Multi-scale Bass Specs:

  • Scale: 35″ to 32″
  • Construction: Neck-thru
  • Neck: Wenge
  • Toneblock: Wenge/Niangon
  • Body Wings: Afzelia
  • Fingerobard: Ebony
  • Pickups: Ceramic Single Coils
  • Hardware: Gold
  • Other: Rear cover, strap buttons, pickups shells and knobs have been made with the same woods of the body