Ojay: Funky Newcastle Street Performance

We’ve featured Ojay before, with one of his awesome solo bass performances on a Newcastle street in the UK.

Here’s another, recorded back in 2011. I’ve played out in the cold before, and I’m sitting here wondering how in the world Ojay is doing what he’s doing. Looks nasty out there.

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  1. Perché nelle strade delle città sarde i marciapiedi sono invasi solo da ambulanti

  2. Man I think that’s the guy I saw when I was in London. I came bragging about this amazing bass player on the street. He has to have some very professional experience somewhere and with someone.

    • Only ever busked in London once…years ago so it would not have been me. :) cheers though xx

  3. yeah, okay is pretty cool. man, how does he keep himself from electric shock??? looks like it’s been raining. guess his funk is so strong it repels the rain! water just bubbles up and runs off.

  4. very cool player in hard working conditions playing an active 1980’s Peavey Dyna Bass (USA).

  5. Wow from Newcastle uk ,damn good.

  6. That was very creative. I’m glad he was getting tips because he has clearly put in the work to be a great musician.