Troy Roberts’ Nu-Jive, Featuring Dane Alderson: The Red Cat

Dane Alderson is one of my favorite bassists, and this video is a great example of why.

Recorded with Troy Roberts’ Nu-Jive at the Charles Hotel in Perth in 2011, Alderson fills out the groove perfectly with a round, modern tone and tasteful fills. He then takes an extended solo starting at 6:15 with lots of great twists and turns to keep it interesting. (Check out the run at 10:29.)

The rest of the killer band includes saxophonist Troy Roberts, keyboardist Tim O’Halloran and drummer Andy Fisenden.

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  1. That is a crazy composition! Great playing!!!

  2. very nice and musical bass player.
    A solid 6 minutes bass solo, I have a new hero !!!
    Thx for the discovery