Sunn o))) and Ulver Team Up for “Terrestrials”

Sunn o))) & Ulver: TerrestrialsMetal drone band Sunn O)))’s collaboration with Norwegian metal/heavy chamber group Ulver, Terrestrials, is summed up in this passage from Drowned in Sound:

“This might be the closest you can get to ‘new age’ while remaining a heavily tattooed riff-worshipper.”

Bassist Greg Anderson of Sunn O)))’s augmented bass feedback is featured on the “Western Horn” movement of the three-movement record. The first movement is an 8-minute piece that climaxes with “bass and brass,” according to info from Anderson’s Southern Lord Records, which is Sunn O))’s label.

Terrestrials is available on CD and digital formats (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Here’s a taste of the final movement, “Eternal Return”:

Terrestrials Track List:

  1. Let There Be Light
  2. Western Horn
  3. Eternal Return

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