Zon Introduces Mosaic Mojo Bass

Zon is going old school with their new Mosaic Mojo model. The new bass carries a classic style and are fitted with a set of Aguilar 60 series pickups to get a vintage sound.

Zon Guitars Mosaic Mojo Bass - Sunburst

The Mosaic Mojo is built with a three-piece maple neck with either a maple or rosewood fingerboard. Zon offers the bass with either ash or alder bodies. The bass’s pickup configuration comes in either dual single coils or a P/J setup. Available finishes include Ice Blue, Candy Red, Sunburst, and White.

The Zon Mosaic Mojo will be available with a street price starting at $899.

Zon Guitars Mosaic Mojo Bass Photos:

Zon Guitars Mosaic Mojo Bass Specs:

Body:Ash or Alder
Neck:3-piece Maple
Fingerboard:Rosewood or Maple
Inlays:Dot or Block
Pickups:Aguilar 60 series

For more information:

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  1. Trouble selling the other models? I’ve no doubt Zon will make a solid quality line here, but is this trip really necessary?

  2. Not used to Zon instruments, but visiting their website, sounds weird and pretty commercial line due to they focused a lot on natural and special wood finishing in the regular bass series avoiding painting like in this new serie . Am I correct or nut?

  3. Zon Mosaic base price: $3,200. OR: USA Fender Jazz, a.k.a. “The Real Deal” ~$1,100; Ampeg SVT Pro 4 ~$1,500; Ampeg 6 x 10 -~$699. Gig cred: Priceless. I’ll keep my Fender, thanks.

  4. A Zon for under a grand? What’s the catch?

  5. starting to feel like the J bass is the worst thing to happen to bass… >.<

  6. Given the forward looking approach Zon have taken to the instrument, I’m surprised they’re running a more “Classic” model. I’ve no doubt they’ll be superb instruments, but it’s not exactly the originality and uniqueness that people have praised the shop for so far.

  7. Kinda like these but I gravitate more toward black hardware. Always have. Can’t stand chrome on anything.

  8. Another bass manufacturer chiming in on the import bass market.