Bass of the Week: Fibenare Guitars Globe Bass

Fibenare Guitars Globe Bass body angle view

This week we check out the Globe Bass from the bass builders at Fibernare. The Hungarian company was created by brothers Attila, Csaba, and Arpad Benedek who didn’t have access to the guitars they wanted when they were younger and Hungary was behind the iron curtain. The brothers decided to build their own, and continually working to improve their own instruments led them to start building for others.

The Globe Bass comes in bolt-on or neck-through styles. Both versions can be built with either alder or ash bodies, but the bolt-on features a maple neck, while the neck-through has a laminated maple and padouk neck. Each also has the option for either a rosewood or padouk fingerboard.

Fibenare fits the Globe with their Vazul pickups with matching wood pickup covers. The Vazul has an alnico V magnet and is described as having a classic bass sound with “moderate attack and lots of harmonics.” They’re controlled with a pair of switches to put either pickup into series, parallel, or coiltap modes. Other controls include a volume pot with push/pull functionality to toggle active and passive circuits, a blend pot, and a 3-band EQ.

Fibenare Guitars Globe Bass Photos:

Fibenare Guitars Globe Bass Specs:

Body Wood:Alder or Ash
Top Wood:None or Figured Maple
Construction:Neckthrough or Bolt-on
Frets:24 Regular (1.2mm x 2.5mm)
Scale Length:864mm
Neck Wood:Maple for Bolt-on, Laminated Maple/Padouk for Neck-Through
Fretboard Wood:Rosewood or Padouk
Width:40mm (48mm for 5string) at Nut
Depth:21mm at 1st Fret
Neck Shape:Standard “C”
Fretboard Radius:8-15″ Conical
Bridge:Fibenare Twin bridge
Tuners:Gotoh GB707
Neck Pickup:Fibenare Vazul-N
Bridge Pickup:Fibenare Vazul-B
Controls:Volume Pot (with Push/Push for Active/Passive), Blend Pot, 3-Band Active EQ, 2x Series/Parallel/Coilsplit Switch

For more, check out the Fibenare Guitars website.

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  1. finally a bass of the week that actually is not ugly

  2. Guys! Hungary NEVER was part of the USSR! We were in the Warsaw Pact, but it is just wrong.