The Bad Plus Reimagines Stravinsky’s “The Rite of Spring”

The Bad Plus: The Rite of SpringThe Bad Plus has redefined Stravinsky’s classical piece for ballet, The Rite of Spring, as a work for an acoustic jazz trio of piano, bass and drums.

The group’s version of Stravinsky’s composition debuted in 2011 and the trio has performed it live in the years since. Now the interpretation from the group — known for its inventiveness and predilection for the avant garde, as well as singular covers of popular songs — is on record.

The album’s opening movement, orchestrated by bassist Reid Anderson, features electronic undercurrents, and the group’s take on the work — considered sensational upon its 1913 debut — is billed as keeping the piece’s original radical spirit alive.

Here’s a taste of The Bad Plus’ take on “The Rite of Spring”, conveyed in excerpts from Lincoln Center Out of Doors:

The Rite of Spring is available on CD and digital formats (iTunes and Amazon MP3.)

The Rite of Spring Track List:

  1. First Part: Adoration of the Earth: Introduction
  2. The Augurs of Spring
  3. Ritual of Abduction
  4. First Part: Adoration of Earth: Spring Rounds
  5. Games of the Two Rival Tribes/Procession of the Sage
  6. First Part: Adoration of the Earth: The Sage/Dance of the Earth
  7. Introduction
  8. Mystic Circle of the Young Girls
  9. Second Part: The Sacrifice: Glorification of the Chosen One
  10. Second Part: The Sacrifice: Evocation of the Ancestors/Ritual Action of the Ancestors
  11. Second Part: The Sacrifice: Sacrificial Dance

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  1. These guys are masters of the universe! Viva The Bad Plus!

  2. saw them at the Village Vanguard last year, so close to the stage i couldn’t stretch my legs out. phenomenal show