Meshell Ndegeocello: Pink Moon

Earlier this year, Meshell Ndegeocello went into The Boombox’s studio for Off the Record. One of the performances of that session was her cover of Nick Drake’s “Pink Moon” – the title track from Drake’s last album.

In 1974, Drake committed suicide at the age of 26. During his short career, he wasn’t able to achieve much of an audience – largely due to his reluctance to performing live or be interviewed. His music later reached a larger audience and he became the inspiration to several musicians, including Ndegeocello.

“I love Nick Drake and there’s something haunting about him and the song and just it’s circular motion is entrancing to me,” Ndegeocello said. “It’s just a song I like to play. No other reason. Plus it’s fascinating, he had so much going for him and he was about to experience some great fame, and he just outed himself. So I guess it fascinates me what could propel a person to do that. That must’ve been an intense sadness.”

This is a great cover and tribute to one of Ndegeocello’s musical inspirations, and man… the way she plays the bass is always so distinctive and full of feel.

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  1. Mat

    One of my favorite bassists!! I love her inflections. Her feel is ridiculous, her restraint is enviable, and her tone is so amazingly just built into her fingers. Whether she’s playing a Jbass, something active, or her new sig Pbass, it always sounds like her!

  2. love her playing…so soulful

  3. Bob Cotter

    So nice

  4. Meshell can make any song her own. And what a fantastic bass player she is!

  5. Anthony

    That is the first time I actually liked the way she sounds on her new bass. Coming through a P style bass, she reminds me just a little of Paul Jackson now.