Reader Spotlight: Jason Rungapadiachy

Jason RungapadiachyMeet Jason Rungapadiachy, musician who has been playing bass for more than two decades, starting with one of the best “why I started” stories we’ve heard.

As you read Jason’s story, you’ll see he’s an accomplished player with a great attitude. And I bet you’ll laugh pretty hard too. He’s a pretty hilarious guy.

Jason is No Treble’s reader in the spotlight for the week of August 11, 2014.


I’ve been chugging out low notes for 22 years now. It all started when I had to stand in for a double bass player in a classical orchestra who was overcome by heatstroke and I had to learn to play Mozart’s marriage of figaro overture in about an hour. It was an absolute disaster but the low note seed was planted and there it has remained ever since. I firmly believe that taking a plectrum to a bass should be punishable by death. Or at the very least a disapproving look.


Newark, Nottinghamshire, England

Day gig:

I’m a community mental health nurse. Sometimes. Other times I’m a bass and guitar teacher and performing musician in a variety of bands. I try not to confuse the jobs but some of the guitarists I have to work with make that difficult.

Years experience:

22 years

Bands & Gigs:

As well as the usual array of different function bands I’m involved with I sing and play bass in The Moth Lantern, based in Lincoln, England. We’re an indie rock band. It helps being very close friends with everyone in the group but especially Eddie, our drummer because I think our rapport translates well into our rhythm section and it really shows in our first album, Light Waves.

In order to keep challenging myself and developing my playing and keeping things interesting some friends and I regularly get together and thrash out some dirty funk which will force me to drag out some fuzz and an envelope filter and pull my most contorted bass face for a few hours.


  • Sandberg Basic VM
  • Aria Pro II
  • Ned Steinberger NXT Upright
  • Warwick Pro Fet 5.1 Head
  • Ashdown 1×15 and 4×10 Cabs

Why I play the bass:

A girl I liked at the time told me bass players were sexy. So I put my guitar down and went for bass. Unfortunately I continued to be as equally inept with matters pertaining to the opposite sex.

My bass superpower/claim to fame:

I had the honour of playing bass for South African legend Robin Auld during his time in the UK. He plays a unique African roots infused blues and is well worth checking out.

My influences:

I remember listening to Cream and after several listens my attention shifted from the superb Clapton solos onto Jack Bruce. His bass playing is so dynamic and exciting and yet he’s often singing at the same time. And as we all know singing and playing bass at the same time is harder than nuclear physics. And then I heard What’s going on, Marvin Gaye, and the work of Bob Babbitt and James Jamerson is frighteningly good. On a completely different note I LOVE Robert Trujillo. Its a man crush. I’m not ashamed to admit it…


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  1. Louis

    great plectrum quote! . Nice job keeping the low end and singing

  2. Gregg

    Great sound. Hip song. Cool video.

  3. Frank

    very cool tune, bass sound is great, a fun video