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Phantom Pop: Atlantic Ave

Phantom Pop bassist Dave Lowenthal sent us the band’s first single from their upcoming album. The tune is “Atlantic Ave”, penned by the bassist.

The band is a 5-piece instrumental group from Brooklyn, NY who “combines elements of funk, soul, and R&B with the improvisation of jazz to create their own sound.”

“Originally formed by Dave Lowenthal to create an album, it was quickly realized that there was something special going on,” the description reads.

Something special indeed.

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Steven Smith

whoa! not even a minute into the vid and i have to comment. deep, deep, deeeeeeep groove. i’m diggin’ this, corey. this takes me back to the 70s for sure.

and then he goes all liquid funk around 4:50. budda!

Trey Smith

yep…I didn’t make it a minute either…really great



What effects are you using on the bass solo? Sounds like some soft of envelope, but curious! Thx!



Onpas messevää!
So funky, really nice bass solo.