Reader Spotlight: Scott Varney

Scott Varney

Meet Scott Varney, a solo bassist who has a great “how I got started” story, and one who is doing his thing across various venues around his home in Williamsburg.

Scott is the No Treble reader in the spotlight for the week of August 18, 2014.


I am a solo bassist singer songwriter who lives in Williamsburg VA. Although I am from Newport RI, I grew up here in southeastern VA. I have played in punk and hardcore bands to funk and jam bands but my solo project that I have been doing since 2002 is where I have really found my “voice” as a bassist/musician.


Williamsburg, VA, USA

Day gig:

I am a graphic designer.

Years experience:

21 years

Bands & Gigs:

I gig as much as I can with my solo project. I feel really lucky as I have been able to get some pretty consistent gigs as a solo bassist playing lots of venues that host singer songwriters. But I have played everything from small house parties and coffeehouses to larger venues. Highlight gig was opening for Oteil and the peacemakers at the Jewish mother in VA Beach. That was a blast!!


  • Ibanez SR 1306 PM
  • Sansamp bass driver DI
  • EH Bass Balls
  • EH Mini Q tron
  • EH Freeze Pedal
  • Boss Giga Delay
  • Boss RC 300 loopstation
  • Remo 17″ Djembe
  • Hohner Melodica

Why I play the bass:

I started playing bass at 14 mainly because my mom said I would have to start on acoustic guitar if I wanted to learn guitar, and I wanted an electric instrument (thankful for that). I’ve never looked back!

My bass superpower/claim to fame:

Performing as a solo bassist, singer, songwriter, one man band (Yes a mouthful). I have been able to create a full sound accompanying myself. I loop drums, bass, vocals, beatbox, melodica and anything else I can think of that will work for the song at hand, I remember the kitchen staff at one restaurant giving me some pans to loop for percussion. I try to treat the loop so it doesn’t become a gimmick but is treated as another instrument. Think DJ with live instruments…and sings.

My influences:

Bassists: Mike Watt, Oteil Burbridge, Victor Wooten, Bakithi Kumalo and Richard Bona are a few.

Musicians: Martin Sexton, Ben Harper, Ani Difranco, Bobby Mcferrin, Bob Marley, Bill Withers and Paul Simon are a few.


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    I ran sound for Scott a couple of years back at the Town Point Acoustic Festival. Was blown away, great player.

  2. Very glad to see Scott featured! Scott puts on one hell of a live show, I was blown away and thoroughly entertained when I got to see him.