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Al Gare Makes Imelda May’s Rockabilly Sound Swing on “Tribal”

Imelda May: TribalQuestion: What would rockabilly be without the bass?

Answer: Nothing.

Al Gare, who holds down the low end in Imelda May’s band perfectly proves the point with a swinging sound that underpins the Irish rockabilly singer’s latest album, Tribal.

Gare’s playing is an absolutely essential part of May’s sound, as you can easily hear in “It’s Good to Be Alive,” one of the album’s early singles with a Bride of Frankenstein-themed video that works quite well at this time of year:

Tribal is available on CD, vinyl, and for digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Tribal Track List:

  1. Tribal
  2. Wild Woman
  3. It’s Good to Be Alive
  4. Gypsy In Me
  5. Little Pixie
  6. Hellfire Club
  7. Five Good Men
  8. Ghost of Love
  9. Wicked Way
  10. Round the Bend
  11. I Wanna Dance
  12. Right Amount of Wrong

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