Dave Holland Teams with Pianist Kenny Barron on Duo Album

Kenny Barron & Dave Holland: The Art of ConversationDouble bassist Dave Holland and pianist Kenny Barron started performing live together as a duo in 2012, and now they’ve committed the sound they’ve been creating on stages to album.

The Art of Conversation isn’t the first time they’ve recorded together — that occurred back in 1985 on Barron’s trio LP Scratch. However, this new record features the pair just working as a duo.

Holland (who has also worked with players like Steve Coleman and Sam Rivers) says that Barron provides him with a harmony lesson every time they play together, while Barron notes that Holland’s work allows him to pursue different voicings. “I always love playing with musicians that I can learn from and increase my understanding of the music,” Holland said. “And I certainly had that experience playing with Kenny.”

The album features four originals from Holland, three from Barron, and several covers.

The Art of Conversation is available on CD and for digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

The Art of Conversation Track List:

  1. The Oracle
  2. The Only One
  3. Rain
  4. Segment
  5. Waltz for K.W.
  6. In Walked Bud
  7. In Your Arms
  8. Dr. Do Right
  9. Seascape
  10. Day Dream

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    I streamed this off the NY Times website. This album’s chronic.