Maktub Project: The Sound of Silence

Bassist Davide Medicina shared this video of his band Maktub Project performing a reimagined version of Simon and Garfunkel’s classic hit, “The Sound of Silence.” Medicina describes their band as influenced by R&B, jazz and neo-soul, and it shows.

The trio reharmonizes the song and adds a healthy dose of modern groove. Medicina lays a thick foundation while taking time to plant some tasty fills throughout.

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  1. wow! i dig this big time. so melodic. very nice groove. love the vocoder work.

  2. Lucas

    Awesome cover, I love how the bassist and drummer have a really hard, solid groove going. The drummer’s pocket reminds me of Questlove on the record Voodoo by D’Angelo

  3. Nick

    Love the tone! What kind of strings are you using there?

  4. You’ve heard of the band Maktub, right? Is this where you borrowed your name?

    • Davide Medicina

      Christa, it saddens me to think that you believe that we have stolen the name of a band.
      It was clearly not our intention: we are Italian, Genoa, and we do not know the Seattle music scene!
      It was really a coincidence! We will strive to resolve the issue, be sure of that!