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Jack Bruce’s 50th Birthday Concerts Released on CD and DVD

Jack Bruce: Rockpalast - The 50th Birthday Concerts

When Jack Bruce wanted to celebrate that he had turned 50, he decided to throw a party. A really big musical party.

The shows put together by the legendary bassist were held over two days in Cologne, Germany on Nov. 2nd and 3rd, 1993. His former Cream bandmate, Ginger Baker played drums at the show, as did Simon Phillips. Parliament-Funkadelic keyboardist Bernie Worrell played keyboards, and guitarists Gary Moore and Clem Clempson hit the stage, too.

For those keenly feeling the loss of Bruce earlier this year (he died on October 25), a new DVD/CD set of those birthday shows will bring back happy memories of Bruce’s playing. Just check out the trailer for the show’s release:

Rockpalast: The 50th Birthday Concerts is available in several packages: a special edition, featuring two DVDs of the concert, another DVD of extra footage including interviews, and two 12-page booklets with photos and a bonus CD called “The Lost Tracks”; a set of two DVDs featuring only the shows, with one 12-page booklet; and a 2 DVD, 1 CD set. “The Lost Tracks” are also available for digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Rockpalast: The 50th Birthday Concerts Track List:

(from the 2 DVD/1 CD set)

Disc 1

  1. Improvisation On Minuet No.1
  2. Fm
  3. Can You Follow
  4. Running Thro’ Our Hands
  5. Childsong
  6. The Tube
  7. Over The Cliff
  8. Statues
  9. First Time I Met The Blues
  10. Smiles And Grins
  11. Bird Alone
  12. Neighbor, Neighbor
  13. Born Under A Bad Sign
  14. Boston Ball Game 1967
  15. Ships In The Night
  16. Willpower
  17. Never Tell Your Mother She’s Out Of Tune
  18. Theme From An Imaginary Western
  19. Golden Days

Disc 2

  1. As You Said
  2. Rope Ladder To The Moon
  3. Life On Earth
  4. Drum Solo
  5. Nsu
  6. Sitting On The Top Of The World
  7. Politician
  8. White Room
  9. Sunshine Of Your Love
  10. Blues You Can’t Lose
  11. Life On Earth
  12. Nsu
  13. Sitting On The Top Of The World
  14. Politician
  15. Spoonful
  16. White Room

Disc 3

  1. White Room
  2. Drum Solo
  3. Nsu
  4. Sitting On The Top Of The World
  5. Politician
  6. Blues You Can’t Lose
  7. Willpower
  8. Boston Ball Game 1967
  9. Rope Ladder To The Moon
  10. Fm
  11. Childsong
  12. As You Said
  13. Improvisation On Minuet No.1

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Wayne Renardson

Wayne Renardson

This old Cream head loved Bruce’s lines back in the day and his skill is intact. Kudos to this musician who may have been the better third of Cream. Although Ginger B is right up there.

Dragica Petrović

Remembering Jack Bruce ~ <3 ~ :D:P

    Tom Gascoigne

    Tom Gascoigne

    i still have not come to terms with the loss of such a beautiful guy who has made a huge contribution to music over the decades. It hasn’t sunk in. We shall miss him for a a long time to come.