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Megatar Relaunches with Redesigned 12-string Extended Range Bass

Megatar 12-string Extended Range Bass Closeup

Megatar Touchstyle Basses has been reborn with a change in ownership and the launch of redesigned instruments, including the Megatar 12-string extended-range bass. Optimized for two-handing tapping, the Megatar’s strings are divided into two sets with space in between to eliminate crosstalk. The first half is strung like a six-string bass tuned BEADGC, while the second half is tuned closer to a guitar’s range at C#F#BEAD.

The instrument is built with a quartersawn sapele body and a wenge fretboard, though custom options are available. The neck is reinforced with two adjustable truss rods and can be customized with multi-species laminations and three full length carbon fiber reinforcement rods. The body’s minimal design allows full access to all 25 frets.

The Megatar is loaded with a pair of hot-wound alnico V humbuckers with dual tone/volume controls as well as a master volume knob. It also has a stereo output to complete the instrument’s dual nature. Each bass is shipped with a 3-point strap, digital copies of four method books, an extra .009 string, a stereo output cable, and a tool kit.

The Megatar 12-string extended range bass is hand made in Northern California. Prices start at $2,250 with options for customizations and upgrades.

Megatar 12-string Extended Range Bass Photos:

Megatar 12-string Extended Range Bass Specs:

Construction:Solid Neck-Through
Body:Quartersawn Sapele
Scale Length:33.5″
Frets:25, with zero fret
Finish:Water-based ultra-hard musical instrument lacquer
PIckups:Standard with WSC gold or chrome case alnico humbuckers. Bartolini humbuckers and/or Graph Tech Ghost Acoustiphonic piezos optional
Controls:Standard bass tone, melody tone, nested volume, side mount stereo output. Optional three-way pickup switches, stereo/mono switch, dual mono output, etc. Customizable.
Intonation:Buzz Feiten Tuning System
Accessories:strap with locks, method books, tool kit, extra .009 string, stereo output cable.

For more, check out the Megatar Touchstyle Basses website.