Megatar Relaunches with Redesigned 12-string Extended Range Bass

Megatar 12-string Extended Range Bass Closeup

Megatar Touchstyle Basses has been reborn with a change in ownership and the launch of redesigned instruments, including the Megatar 12-string extended-range bass. Optimized for two-handing tapping, the Megatar’s strings are divided into two sets with space in between to eliminate crosstalk. The first half is strung like a six-string bass tuned BEADGC, while the second half is tuned closer to a guitar’s range at C#F#BEAD.

The instrument is built with a quartersawn sapele body and a wenge fretboard, though custom options are available. The neck is reinforced with two adjustable truss rods and can be customized with multi-species laminations and three full length carbon fiber reinforcement rods. The body’s minimal design allows full access to all 25 frets.

The Megatar is loaded with a pair of hot-wound alnico V humbuckers with dual tone/volume controls as well as a master volume knob. It also has a stereo output to complete the instrument’s dual nature. Each bass is shipped with a 3-point strap, digital copies of four method books, an extra .009 string, a stereo output cable, and a tool kit.

The Megatar 12-string extended range bass is hand made in Northern California. Prices start at $2,250 with options for customizations and upgrades.

Megatar 12-string Extended Range Bass Photos:

Megatar 12-string Extended Range Bass Specs:

Construction:Solid Neck-Through
Body:Quartersawn Sapele
Scale Length:33.5″
Frets:25, with zero fret
Finish:Water-based ultra-hard musical instrument lacquer
PIckups:Standard with WSC gold or chrome case alnico humbuckers. Bartolini humbuckers and/or Graph Tech Ghost Acoustiphonic piezos optional
Controls:Standard bass tone, melody tone, nested volume, side mount stereo output. Optional three-way pickup switches, stereo/mono switch, dual mono output, etc. Customizable.
Intonation:Buzz Feiten Tuning System
Accessories:strap with locks, method books, tool kit, extra .009 string, stereo output cable.

For more, check out the Megatar Touchstyle Basses website.

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  1. Not really understanding the point of the higher register strings OVER the Bass portion. Seems counter-intuitive to me. Just my opinion.

    • L Storey

      I would assume it’s because when two handed tapping, most people use their left hand to do the lower register notes and their right hand to do the treble. Having the bass part lower would allow you to do this without having to reach over a silly amount of strings on a huge neck.

  2. the poor cousin of the chapman stick

  3. Gregg

    It’s a freak of nature!!!! We must kill it before it mutates!!!!