New Hal Leonard Tab Book Teaches You How to Play Famous Rock Lines

25 Top Rock Bass Songs: Tab. Tone. Technique.Looking for a book that teaches you how to play some classic and new rock hits? Hal Leonard’s latest, 25 Top Rock Bass Songs: Tab. Tone. Technique. could help.

The paperback in the “Tab +” series not only includes tab for some bass classics, it also offers info on the gear you need to have, recording techniques, historical info, and playing tips (including right-and-left hand technique).

Songs featured in the 244-page paperback include “Another One Bites the Dust,” “Blurred Lines,” “The Boys Are Back In Town,” “Freewill,” “Hey Joe,” “The Joker,” “London Calling,” “My Generation,” “Sledgehammer,” “Strange Brew,” “Sweet Emotion,” and “Young Lust.”

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  1. Thunderr

    Blurred lines?

  2. You can’t teach technique. No one’s going to make you love to hold your instrument more than you can.