CStands Launches with Bass-Specific Guitar Stands

CStands FB and WB Bass Guitar Stands - all models

CStands is a new company out of the Netherlands specializing in bass and guitar stands with a unique twist. Each model incorporates an iconic headstock for extra flair and personality.

The company’s product lineup includes two bass models: the FB, which is based on the headstock made famous by Leo Fender, and the WB, based on Warwick basses. All CStands are made entirely of solid wood and quickly fold up for easy portability and storage. They are fitted with rubber protectors at each contact point that can be adjusted to tailor the support for your instrument.

The CStands FB and WB stands come in European Beech or American Walnut versions, which are hand-rubbed with linseed oil. Custom engravings are available, and each stand ships in a luxury box with two spare rubbers, a small bottle of linseed oil, a polishing cloth, and instructions. They’re available for order directly from the manufacturer with prices ranging from $121 to $145.

CStands FB and WB Bass Guitar Stand Photos:

CStands FB and WB Bass Guitar Stand Details:

Construction:Solid Wood
Dimensions:11.6″ x 3″ x 3″
Weight:2.4 lbs
Finish:Hand Rubbed Linseed Oil
Wood:European Beech or American Walnut
Accessories:10 ml boiled linseed oil, polishing cloth, 2 spare rubber protectors

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  1. Luc

    145$ for a stand ???… good luck guys….

  2. My bass on that type on stand at a gig? No way…That’s way unsafe.

  3. This and the clock pedal, I don’t know what you’re smoking guys @ NoTreble but I sure want the same !!! lol

  4. gene

    I’m rarely critical of new gear (after all to each his own right?) but this looks very unstable, and quite pricey considering It would take a long time before I would be comfortable leaving my bass on this, if ever.

  5. Peggy

    OMG they are hideous!

  6. Gregg

    Wood, rubbed in boiled Linseed oil = $145
    Polishing cloth & 2 spare rubber protectors… priceless

  7. dan

    Show me an offset jazz body on that stand.

  8. Mark

    I like them, even with the high price. A lot of thought went into these, and I love the oiled wood. Obviously not for the mainstream, but very cool.