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Good Demons: “Tornado of Souls” Cover

Here’s a take on Megadeth like you’ve never seen. Bassist Michael Evdemon, drummer Vasilis Kalistristris, and vibraphonist Vaggelis Paraskevaidis teamed up to cover the classic thrash metal song in a brand new way.

The trio dishes out a chilled-out and tasty version of “Tornado of Souls” from Megadeth’s iconic Rust in Peace album. They keep a bubbling groove the whole time, but Evdemon kicks things up a notch for his solo with some fuzz at the 3:27 mark.

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Basil Chiasson

Very cool. I always love covers of songs in a completely different style. The bass and mallets play that main lick so smoothly



Very cool arrangement, great playing



I love megadeth and this song. These guys are great musicians and I totally respect that. But not diggin it. I think the xylophone ( even though he’s a great player) kills it for me.

Rodolfo Ruiz

(Newbie question) How does he get that sound out of the bass? Is that a specific pedal or just his EQ settings?



    To my ears it sounds like a modern jazz setting: mostly or exclusively on the bridge pickup, probably a dual coil, and a hint of active electronics to boost the lows.
    Cool version by the way, very different form the original !

Alex Blount

Cool idea, just wish the bass and vibes didn’t sound so damp, it’s really one of those tracks that needs a kick.

Mark S. B.

Mark S. B.

Holy cow, that was excellent , different and most interesting.
Great tunes, great everything.