Orange Amplification Announces OB1 Bass Amp Series

Orange Amplifiers has announced the OB1 Series of class A/B rack mountable bass amplifiers. The amps are based on recent bi-amping trends, the company says.

Orange Amplification OB1 300 Bass Amp

“For years bassists have been combining guitar and bass amps to remarkable effect, adding harmonics and layers of overdrive from a guitar amp to their core bass tone in pursuit of the ultimate live sound,” Orange explains. The OB1 splits the input signal into two separate analog paths: one clean and one with extra gain. The latter adds two stages of gain and increased harmonic content in the higher frequencies. Both the clean and driven signals can then be blended together and controlled with a mix knob. A footswitch jack allows for on-the-fly blending.

The lineup includes the OB1-300 and OB1-500, rated at 300 watts and 500 watts, respectively. Both fit into a 2U rackspace. Other features include a 3-band EQ, a balanced DI, and line level outputs.

Orange Amplification OB1 500 Bass Amp

The Orange Amplification OB1 Series debuted at NAMM and is expected to begin shipping in April. Retail prices for the amps start at $799.

Orange Amplification OB1 Bass Amp Series Details:

Active 3 Band EQ
Balanced Di & Line Level Outputs
Front Panel (Right to Left): Instrument Input With Active/Passive Switch, Gain, Blend, Bass, Middle, Treble, Volume, Footswitch Input, Mains Switch
Rear Panel (Right to Left): Speaker Outputs (Speakon), 1/4″ Line Output, Balanced Output With Ground Lift Switch
Speaker Output Options: Minimum 4 Ohm: 1 X 8 Ohm, 2 X 8 Ohm, 1 X 4 Ohm
Output Power: 300 Watts (OB1-300); 500 Watts (OB1-500), Class A/B
Finish Options: White Powder Coated Steel Chassis (2U 19″ Rack Mountable)
Unboxed Dimensions (W X H X D): 18.97 X 10.43 X 3.93″
Unboxed Weight: 22.26LB

For more information:
Orange Amplification

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  1. Geoff

    That’s pretty frickin cool

  2. Lewis K

    The EBS Billy Sheehan signature drive pedal does this already..still a nice amp though!

  3. Andrew

    At last!

  4. Nice. Damn cheap for an Orange product, too.

  5. Robert Hopper

    I definitely would love to try one of these out! I have been looking for an all solid state amp head as I already had a pre amp tube in my Orange Terror Bass fail on me unexpectedly.