Johan Hansén-Larson Featured on Kristian Persson Elements Album

Kristian Persson Elements: Let It GoJohan Hansén-Larson can be considered a regular here at No Treble, with several of his videos being featured here over the years.

Now, the Swedish bassist can be heard at length on the Kristian Persson Elements jazz album, Let It Go.

Cormac Larkin of the Irish Times says “Funk and soul are the main references in Persson’s hot, big-hearted sound, with more than a nod to James Brown and Fred Wesley and echoes of Pat Metheny’s lush harmonic soundscapes.”

And even better, the title track includes an extended bass solo. Check it out:

Let It Go is available for digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Let It Go Track List:

  1. On the Bottom of the Ocean
  2. Dog Song
  3. Let It Go
  4. The Final Conflict (Interlude)
  5. Hälsingland
  6. Nothing Really Makes Me Happy
  7. My Dark Matters Intro
  8. My Dark Matters
  9. Boombap
  10. All We Never Did (One for S)

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  1. Mike Matthews

    OM Goodness… now this is some nice stuff. Totally dig’n this one. All the musicians sound very tasteful… and the bassist is ‘killin-it!’

  2. Johan S

    This is reeeeeeally good. Boombap is an instant classic!!

  3. In all honesty, how many of you thought this was going yet another cover of that annoying song from Frozen?

  4. Mat

    THIS gives me hope for “Jazz”!!! Wow what a great group of talented young guys keeping it goin!

  5. Nice! Groove without the wank! Bravo!