Omnibook Offers Transcriptions of Miles Davis Solos for the Low End

The Miles Davis Omnibook for Bass Clef InstrumentsAre you a jazz player and/or a huge Miles Davis fan? Have you always wanted to play his solos on your bass? Your book has arrived.

The Miles Davis Omnibook for Bass Clef Instruments, from Hal Leonard Corp., offers transcriptions of 50 of Davis’ recorded solos. Songs featured in the 272-page paperback include:

  1. Airegin
  2. All Blues
  3. All of You
  4. Au Privave
  5. Bags’ Groove
  6. Billie’s Bounce (Bill’s Bounce)
  7. Blue Haze
  8. Budo
  9. But Not for Me
  10. Bye Bye Blackbird
  11. Diane
  12. Dig
  13. Doxy
  14. E.S.P.
  15. Footprints
  16. Four
  17. Freddie Freeloader
  18. A Gal in Calico
  19. Green Haze
  20. I Waited for You
  21. I’ll Remember April
  22. If I Were a Bell
  23. It Could Happen to You
  24. It’s Only a Paper Moon
  25. Jeru
  26. K.C. Blues
  27. Love Me or Leave Me
  28. Miles Ahead
  29. Milestones
  30. My Funny Valentine
  31. Oleo
  32. On Green Dolphin Street
  33. The Serpent’s Tooth
  34. Seven Steps to Heaven
  35. Sippin’ at Bells
  36. So What
  37. Solar
  38. Some Day My Prince Will Come
  39. Stablemates
  40. Stella by Starlight
  41. Stuff
  42. Summertime
  43. The Surrey with the Fringe on Top
  44. The Theme
  45. Trane’s Blues
  46. Tune Up
  47. Walkin’
  48. Well You Needn’t (It’s over Now)
  49. Woodyn’ You
  50. Yesterdays

The Miles Davis Omnibook for Bass Clef Instruments is out now.

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  1. laurent

    not any tabs?

    • Rob

      If you’re learning MIles Davis solos shouldn’t you be past needing tab?

      • laurent

        no Rob, i don’t.

        • Jakub

          Tabs are annoying ! I love the old and some new books without this nonsense. If you have a record you can check how it’s played and working hard on your reading – no shortcuts ever ! Nobody gives you a notes with tabs in orchestra or studio situation and you never learn a reading completely cause you’ll be staring at numbers and only check if it’s quarter note or 16th and check where’s pause or repetition sign in sheet ! Tabs imo is good for begginers to make some fun with easy pieces but if you seriously think about being a pro bass player you should avoid it.

          • I don’t care of What you love or what you want.
            I’m not à pro and i don’t want to be.
            If i want (need) à short cut, this is my trouble, not your. So don’t juge me and anyone Who don’t read notes. I play bass for fun for more than 20 years, I love miles music and play his solo for fun some times. A book like that could help me to play better.
            My question was simple…. Is it with tabs ?
            So don’t tell me your life…. Thx
            Enjoy your Day !

  2. Willoughby Spitt

    Just ordered it, gents!!! I’m really looking’ 4ward 2 this read, fa’ sho’, mayne.