Robert Glasper Experiment, Featuring Derrick Hodge: Say Yes

Derrick Hodge is a monster bassist. Adept at both electric and upright bass, his style brings together the best elements of jazz, R&B, and gospel.

Here’s a clip of Hodge laying it down with the Robert Glasper Experiment during a performance at The Exchange LA in Los Angeles, California. The bassist pours his soul into an extended bass solo that takes interesting harmonic turns as he plays chords and melody simultaneously.

Casey Benjamin sneaks in on vocoder at the 4:44 mark to bring the band in for Glasper’s syrupy love ballad “Say Yes.” Hodge’s fat bass line acts as a pad for the band to build on, eventually working up to a climax before coming down again.

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  1. Mike Matthews

    Derrick has a nice feel going on in this intro. His tone is pretty killer too.

  2. Just amazing ,,,, laid back and just right.

  3. wow. so nice. has that summertime 70s feel.

  4. msabp

    This song was originally by Floetry

  5. Groove on ….great bass vibe !